La voix humaine

La voix humaine

Alone in her apartment, Elle desperately clings to life with the telephone as the only connection to her former lover. Between dropped calls and wrong numbers, she speaks with him and reveals her anxiety-ridden anguish over his abandonment. She admits her attempted suicide the previous evening and we witness her last words. Soprano Kerri Lynn Slominski and pianist Alex Kuczynski bring Francis Poulenc’s operatic monodrama, "La voix humaine," to life. Sung in French with English translation provided.

  • Length: 50 Minutes
  • Tickets: Required
  • Venue: MuCCC
  • Genre: Theatre
  • Production Company: None
  • Website: Visit
  • Location Type: Indoor

AUDIENCE MEMBERS AGED 12 OR OVER MUST PRESENT FULL PROOF OF VACCINATION FOR ENTRY TO INDOOR VENUES. Accepted proof includes NYS Excelsior Pass or CDC card (hard copy or photo.) Please arrive 30 minutes early for vaccination check. Masks will be required

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