The Little Accessibility

The Little Accessibility

The Little Theatre and Café

1929 movie theater with a casual café


240 East Avenue #100

Rochester, NY 14604


Lynn Roworth

Accessible Approach/Entrance

• Route of travel not requiring use of stairs

• Stability of route of travel (slip resistant)

• Route of travel at least 36 inches wide

• Objects can be detected by person with visual disability using a cane

• Curbs have curb cuts at drives, parking, and drop off


• N/A (ground-floor entrances)

Parking and Drop-Off Areas

• Adequate accessible parking spaces available:  on-street accessible parking on East Avenue and Winthrop St.; 6 spaces in parking lots off Winthrop St.

• 8-foot-wide space, with 8-foot-wide access aisle, and 98 inches of vertical clearance, available for lift-equipped van:  2 spaces in parking lot off Winthrop St.

• Access aisle part of accessible route to accessible entrance (East Avenue and Winthrop St. sidewalks)

• Accessible space closest to accessible entrance (Café parking off Winthrop is most convenient)

• Accessible space marked with International Symbol of Accessibility


• Main entrance and Café entrance are accessible

• Entrance doors have at least 32 inches of clear opening

• At least 18 inches of clear wall on the pull side of door, next to handle

• Threshold edge is accessible

• Door handle no higher than 48 inches; assistance might be needed to open door (East Avenue entrance)

Rooms and Spaces

• Aisles and pathways to materials and services at least 36 inches wide

• 5-foot circle or T-shaped space for turning a wheelchair completely

• Obstacles are cane-detectable in circulation paths through public areas

Seats, Tables, and Counters

• Aisles between fixed seating at least 36 inches wide:  N/A (no fixed seating in the Café)

• Spaces for wheelchair seating distributed throughout:

o Café:  no fixed seating; allows for rearranging)

o Theater 1:  2 spaces (small)

Vertical Circulation

• N/A


• N/A


• Fully accessible restrooms

• Pictograms used to identify restrooms (doesn’t include braille)

• Doorway to restroom is at least 32 inches clear

• Restroom doors equipped with accessible handles

• Adequate maneuvering space for a person using a wheelchair (6.5 ft)

• 36-inch-wide path to all fixtures

• Accessible stall

• Stall door operable with closed fist

• Grab bars behind and on the side of wall nearest to the toilet

• Faucet operable with closed fist:  YES


Lynn Roworth:  (585) 474-7025

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