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Are you ready to take your Fringe show on the road to other fringe festivals? We’re offering two FREE workshops to get you started. Workshops are for holders of Participant Passes, or prospective shows, only.

Email with “Fringe Workshop” as the subject line.

Beyond Rochester: Which Fringe is Next?

Saturday, September 21, 10-11am
School of the Arts, 45 Prince Street, Rochester, NY 14607

Fringe festivals are fast becoming THE way to get your new work out to the world. Think you’re ready to take your show to another fringe, but not sure where to start? Xela Batchelder, Ph.D (aka “Dr. Fringe”) is a great source of information about fringe festivals around the country and the world, including how they resemble or differ from the Rochester Fringe.

Ready for the Big One? The Edinburgh Fringe!

Saturday, September 21, 12pm-1pm
School of the Arts, 45 Prince Street, Rochester, NY 14607

Have you considered taking your show to the world’s largest performing arts festival: the Edinburgh Festival Fringe? The festival can be very intimidating for newbies, to say nothing of the expense! If you don’t know where to start, this session is for you. “Dr. Fringe” will provide you with an overview, resources for research, ideas on budgets, and how to save money.

XelaXela Batchelder, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Arts Administration at Waynesburg University and the Executive Director of the Pittsburgh Fringe. For 14 years, Xela ran Rocket Venues, a multiple-theatre, multiple-location venue at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world. She is a researcher of the Edinburgh Fringe and North American Fringe Festivals and a Fringe treasure.

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