Listen to Your Mother, Rochester: Mama Said

Listen to Your Mother, Rochester: Mama Said

Stories about motherhood unite us as a community. They bind reader to listener, they connect us with our own stories, and – in doing so – strangers become familiars. A definitive ritual of Rochester's springtime celebration of motherhood and the power of spoken word, LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER is back for two performances! Hear impassioned, true stories about the humor, messiness, joys, sorrows, and wisdom that motherhood brings. Join an audience of mother-lovers for a riveting hour of storytelling. Bring someone you love.

  • Length: 60 Minutes
  • Tickets: Required
  • Venue: Writers & Books
  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Production Company: Monica Gebell, Corrie Spike Carter, Sally Bittner Bonn (& Sarah Fitzgibbons, possibly)
  • Website: Visit

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